We met Patricia just when we started to build our own real estate business. Without Patricia we would not have succeeded. Her attention to detail, her personal care and her extensive knowledge not only of all tax issues, all the deductions and exemptions the law allows, but also her own first-hand knowledge of the real estate business — simple and very complex — was far above what a tax professional on average brings to the table and provides in service.

What we paid her for her services was returned to us many times over.  And she is not only a high class professional in her field, she also is a truly caring and loyal person with a wonderful warm smile.

Maryanne and Klaus Buchele


Pat is an exceptionally gifted tax advisor.  For years, we have relied on her wisdom, pragmatism, and extensive knowledge for all our tax matters.  She is a trusted confidant.  Pat is thorough, accurate, and her tax advocacy and responsible tax interpretations are well researched.  She has a true “passion” for tax law and her unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence is unmatched by her peers in the tax profession.  We are loyal clients of Pat and will continue to remain so indefinitely.

Lance and Sandee Winston


We cannot thank you enough for all of your help over the years! You have helped to advise us on some complicated real estate deals, helped us through major life changes, and also continue to steer us in the right direction on everyday decisions. Your flexibility, commitment and dedication to getting it done right does not go un-noticed. We rely on your advice and would not be where we are today without your help.

Molly Sandquist
Partner, Cooking With Caitlin, LLC


Thank you very much for all the help and dedication that you have provided to RDM Consulting for tax services and related activities. Your responsiveness and professionalism are reasons that I have used and continue to utilize your services. Thank you again and keep up the excellent work!

Brian Nguyen
President, RDM Consulting, Inc.


I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks for all your help to minimize our taxes. Last year we were very concern that we would have to pay too much in taxes, but you showed us how to save in taxes on your tax strategies. Your services have been professional, and also articulate and accurate. It’s nice to know that we can rely on you and not to worry about the tax side of our small business. I look forward to learning more strategies for tax savings in the future. Keep up the great job!

Michael & Rose Deming


I want to express my firm respect for the professional abilities and knowledge of our tax consultant, Pat Leung. In 2010 we bought our first home and inherited a vacation home in a different state. For the last three years, Ms. Leung has completely handled our tax needs in an efficient and stress free manner. Ms. Leung has always been very responsive, informative and understanding with all my questions and concerns. Our 2011 tax refunds have been received in February 2012 due to Ms. Leung’s excellent work. In a few years we retire to a different state, however, our tax consultant will remain the same.

John A. Chambers


Pat has worked with us for many years and we are very pleased with the work she has done for us.  She offers timely, accurate and thorough advice, and is willing to go the extra mile to get answers to our questions.  Even prior to our utilizing her tax services she gave us important advice which we used in the process of purchasing our current residence.  We look forward to Pat’s calm and supportive demeanor at tax time.  Her expertise and efficiency are a just what we need.

Michael and Kristi Golden